Monday, August 20, 2007

Worst Article Ever

I like the PI. It is the newspaper I have grown up with. My principle use for the Seattle times is as kindling. But the downside is the PI has some, actually it only has liberal columnists. Every day I see only hateful, one sided, liberal spin and lies on the last two pages of the Seattle section. Despite knowing what to expect every day from liberal columnists in the PI, some articles (such as the one before me) surprise and amaze me.

This article, written by guest columnists Randy Poplock is so bad I slightly admire it. Randy manages to write an article which at the same time it says global warming is man made, says the poor suffer more because they lack health insurance while they contribute less to carbon emissions. Randy also tries to make it a race issue by citing fewer Latinos and blacks had health insurance compared to whites. If you are lost let me summarize. Poplock has managed to advocate social programs, he has brought up racism as an issue when it is in fact nonexistent, and worst of all he acts like everyone knows global warming is real and man made when there is little good scientific evidence to support either.

The main problem with his statement "the poor contribute less to our carbon footprint" is the poor drive older cars which surprisingly emit more carbon gases than brand new hybrids or even standard new cars. Each time they step into their good old ford they emit more than a wealthy man or woman's car or even Hummer would over similar distances. Something he also leaves out is the increased taxes created by social programs such as Hillary care would impact the poor more than a lack of air conditioning in the summer. Believe me I have survived 90 degree days with only fans at my disposal, it is not hard. He also leaves out how homeless, never mind the poor would cope with cold spells. Humans naturally survive better in heat than cold. It is also more expensive to buy snow clothes from REI and crank up the thermostat than it is to buy a few fans and or turn on the air conditioning. Knowing that is global warming really so bad? In short if I owned the PI I would tell this wacko "You're Fired!!!!!!".

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