Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Pillbox's Breakfast Rants and Raves - Tue 8/7/2007

Item 1: An article in the PI uses the MN Bridge collapse as a chance to criticize the federal response to Katrina. These people have lost touch with any inkling of objectivity! What is the point? They find some gal who still isn't in her home, and they use that as an excuse to Bush Bash. Maybe they think the President should be down there with a tool belt rebuilding her home himself?

Hatred is the only thing that comes out of the liberal media. I'm concerned that we're going to have a civil war here in the U.S. because of the lack of objective reporting.

Item 2: Roadside Bomb claims three...
The Sub-title on this article bothers me: "Their tour in Iraq extended in the "surge"". When I read this type of headline and subtitle, I realize we're fighting terrorists at home in the media, as well as on the ground in Iraq.

We've lost so few people over there. We're making peace, we're not making war. We're on a peacekeeping mission, and these soldiers volunteered for the job. In fact, they "wanted to fight for their country"; another was "estatic" to have the opportunity. Let's honor their sacrifice, not use it to detract from the effort of peacemaking.