Thursday, August 2, 2007

Get a life!

PillBox and I have been thinking about writing a conservative blog together for quite some time. An article in Tuesday's (7/31/07) Seattle Post-Intelligencer ("the PI" for the locals) tipped me over the edge.

On page A2 was a large headline reading "Blogger fest a magnet for liberal politicos" by Joe Garofoli of the San Fransisco Chronicle. You can google it yourself. The article rambled on about how liberals were widely represented on the www, but that conservatives were not. Conservatives are still "plugged in" to talk radio.

I wonder why? Could it be that conservatives mostly GO TO WORK, and hold down a full time job, or two? We listen to talk radio on the way to work, and sometimes at work if possible. We don't sit around blogging all day long. We work hard. Get a life, and get offline!