Sunday, August 5, 2007

Pillbox's Breakfast Rants and Raves - Sun 8/5/07

They're making more of the Ted Stephens deal than they did of the Democrat that was caught w/$100k in his freezer, and I've never seen anything in the paper about Harry Reid's problems.

I heard Rush Limbaugh say this week "It takes guts to be a conservative." Here, here. The Democrats have for years made fun of conservatives, and they don't like talk radio because now the shoe is on the other foot.
The new Democrat party has become a party of men-haters. That's why they hate Bush. He's a man. He's strong, and they hate that. He bends but he doesn't break. He's compromised a few times, and the Democrats have screwed him (No child left behind and the Prescription drug plan). So now he won't cross the line, and the Democrats would rather give in to Muslim extremists than to cooperate with the President and support our mission in Iraq.

Sean Penn is visiting Hugo Chavez. How ironic. Does he think that Chavez would see him if he wasn't a famous, wealthy American? He wouldn't have time to see one of his own people, or an ordinary American. I think that the Democrats admire the control that dictators have. They'd like that for themselves. They love Chavez, Fidel, and even Stalin. FDR had some of Stalin's people in his government. He called Stalin "Uncle Joe"! Scary.

No Surrender by Bruce Chapman on The Seattle Times Opinion page.
"Withdrawal from the middle east will lead to a bloodbath..."
This guy tells it like it is. I appreciate that. He doesn't pander to the nattering nabobs. His assessment is so obvious to the people who pay attention, rather than looking for things to be critical of.

INDY ADDS: The Barbary War was the first Middle Eastern Conlfict our nation became involved in when the Barbary pirates demanded ransom for captured US Sailors and merchantmen. President Thomas Jefferson refused to pay...

Oooh. Good. Breakfast is ready!
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