Saturday, August 4, 2007

Pillbox's Breakfast Rants and Raves - Sat 8/4/07

Item 1: Energy Legislation -
The Democrats can't resist another opportunity to screw up the economy. The result of this proposed legislation will be higher gas and oil prices. And, it will ultimately decrease the amount of money that will come into the fed govt. When the economy slows, the amount of revenue falls. Which maybe isn't a bad thing, for the federal govt to get less money. But they're pandering to the ignorant and the uninformed. The anticapitalist wing of the Democrat party which has become practically the whole Democrat party.

Item 2: MN and Iraq
Jamieson links the bridge collapse in Minnesota to the Iraq war! You've got to be kidding me! He's pathetic! It's just ignorance, and a lack of understanding of the importance of this war. It seems impossible for the Democrats to look at the long term. This war is the most important thing in the world right now. What happens there will set the stage for decades.

He claims that the money spent on the war could have been spent on local problems. That's just hogwash. We've already got so much money that goes into the government (local, state, and federal)! Local government officials in MN decided to build a new stadium, rather than building a new bridge. They've known about the bridge since 1990 (17 years for you who can't do the math!)
Fixing a bridge won't get you reelected and building a new stadium will.
Doing what's right won't get you reelected, dividing the country will.
Democrats decided in 04 that it was more important to get reelected than to do the right thing for this country.
Here's Jamieson continuing that divide, and once again pandering to the ignorant.


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