Monday, August 13, 2007

Redmond WA Mayor's race

Time to weigh in on the local race for Mayor of the City of Redmond, WA.

I can't stand current mayor Rosemarie Ives. She endorses Jim Robinson. Strike one.
Robinson's statement in the voter's pamphlet includes the following statement: "I will work to rebalance the revenues so business shares the investment in Redmond's future proportionately with the residents." Hmmm. Strike two.
His motto, also in the voters pamphlet: "Smart, Practical and Progressive." Progressive is the new code word for "flaming liberal". Strike three.

Pertaining to aforementioned Strike two, an advertising piece received in the mail, pointed out that more people work in Redmond than live in Redmond, so therefore local "big" businesses need to contribute more to the local tax base.

What? You want to stab in the back the businesses that have grown the local tax base? Let's just tax the workers who don't live in Redmond. A wheel tax, perhaps? Perhaps they don't live IN Redmond because freaking Mayor Ives has created a shortage of affordable housing???? 'Ya think? He's outta here!

Then there's John Marchione. Nice guy. Works hard on the city council. Well intentioned, but frequently misguided in his beliefs. His ad piece highlights his work with employee unions. I'm anti-union, so Strike one.
Next, his statement in the voters pamphlet supports the addition of firefighters, when the city already has more than enough. He goes on to say that he has "championed a fiscally responsible city budget". How'd he do that? He refused to add the funds to the budget for said needed firefighters, and instead sent a proposition to the voters to increase our property taxes by a HUGE amount. How responsible! Strikes two and three.

This leaves candidate Holly Plackett. Don't know her, but she's also been a Redmond Council member so she has some experience. She gets my vote by supporting "best available science environmental standards", and "a fair tax structure for businesses". Can you tell I'm a local business owner yet?

Please get out and vote in the Redmond primary this August 21st.

IndySee, aka NWClosetCon

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Big Mac said...

I understand how you guys have had enough of the Seattle liberal views and attitudes. ME TOO! However, if you are so conservative, why then back Holly? She is backed by every liberal group, including NARAL and is strongly pro-union. I personally like her, but you guys are backing the wrong horse. She did lose. Check out her web site and get the facts.